Ballistic Glass

Kontek is a leader in ballistic glass & windows with protection for UL 752 and NIJ standards up to and including .50 caliber armor piercing projectiles. 

Kontek offers ballistic glass solutions for both new facilities as well as upgrading & retrofitting existing structures. 

Our modular designs make window upgrades and replacements simple, minimizing or eliminating installation costs. 

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  • New installations (interior & exterior windows)
  • Replacements for existing ballistic windows
  • Complete frame & capture replacements/upgrades
  • Integrate weapons ports into ballistic glass
  • Variety of tinting options to include reflective mirror tint
  • Decorative window furnishings available (decals, engraving, etc.)
  • Ballistic window protection to both the NIJ and UL752 standards
Ballistic Glass Retrofit - 1


Provides lifesaving countermeasures for projectiles up to .50 cal AP

Quick Installation

New and existing window installations are furnished quickly and affordably by trained professionals

Improved Safety

Improve the safety and survivability of people within the buildings and structures that you look to protect

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Protecting Our Infrastructure

Kontek Industries provides some of the most advanced security solutions to protect personnel, equipment and the world's critical infrastructure. Kontek's value is realized and demonstrated by our rapid response and innovation enhanced with the ability to quickly design, build, test, certify, and implement pedigreed solutions to protect assets and resources from exposure to threats.