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The experience of the Defence Unlimited International team includes former senior level U.S. Military, the National Security Agency, U.S. Cybercommand, Military Intelligence and Executives from Industry that have led multibillion dollar Security and Intelligence capabilities and companies for the U.S. Government and the US Government Allies.

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Defence Unlimited International Experience

Defence Unlimited International and its Strategic Partners have a long history of experience in the Middle East, and currently operate in Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, and are in the process of opening an office in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Worldwide, our management has a long history of selecting and assembling qualified teams of professionals to engineer and deliver mission support and hands-on training that consistently meets and exceeds our customers’ expectations.

  • F-15 maintenance support and training programs in Saudi Arabia. Contract value: U.S. $100 million.
  • F-18 maintenance support and training programs in Kuwait. Contract value: U.S. $75 million.
  • U.S. Air Force War Reserve Materiel (WRM) management program in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar, Oman, and Bahrain. Contract value: U.S. $600 million.
  • UAE AH-64D Apache helicopter and vehicle maintenance and training programs. Contract value: U.S. $40 million.
  • CIVPOL police training programs in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Jordan. Contract value: U.S. $2 billion.
  • U.S. Department of State Worldwide Personal Protection Services in Iraq and Afghanistan. Contract value: U.S. $50 million.
  • Contract Field Teams providing rapid-deployment support for U.S. military rotary and fixed-wing aircraft technical services throughout the Middle East and across the globe. Contract value: U.S. $1.5 billion.
  • INL Air Operations programs providing rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, flight crews, maintenance and training in Afghanistan, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Pakistan, and Peru. Contract value: U.S. $1.2 billion. Defence Unlimited is also well versed in FMS operations. Defence Unlimited International is established in many countries around the world, with Annual sales of over 400 million dollars in the USA (, and over one billion dollars worldwide.

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