OCA (Owner Controlled Area). This is the area owned by the nuclear plant, is subject to less strict protective measures but usually uses our vehicle barriers (VK8 or MBB) in combination with a fence. Most plants do not have active patrols, guard houses (BREs) or other manned points
This area can only be accessed via manned entry points, usually with a turnstile and guard over watch on the turnstiles (yellow arrow for this plant). Inside of the PA you must have an ID badge or be escorted by a person with a badge. The fences separating the OCA from the PA are usually double row chain link with razor wire tops, and vehicle barriers or berms. Most plants set our BRE/Tower combinations along the PA fences looking out into the OCA. We also provide delay fencing in this area, which is just a fence designed to slow down attackers. These delay fences are concrete blocks with grating extending about 10’-16’ vertically to stop an attacker.

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Protecting Our Infrastructure

Kontek Industries provides some of the most advanced security solutions to protect personnel, equipment and the world's critical infrastructure. Kontek's value is realized and demonstrated by our rapid response and innovation enhanced with the ability to quickly design, build, test, certify, and implement pedigreed solutions to protect assets and resources from exposure to threats.