Target Hardening

Kontek creates, designs, manufactures and implements wholistic target hardening solutions to protect structures from physical attacks. Our solutions will help prevent, deter and protect against ballistic, blast or vehicle impact threats to your facility.

Kontek will review your security objectives and design a custom plan to harden your facility. Target hardening is designed to keep law enforcement and government facilities, schools, places of worship and public venues safe from attack.

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  • Ballistic glass upgrades & modular retrofit kits, all NIJ and UL752 levels
  • Ballistic up-armor to existing walls, desks, counters, both covert & overt options
  • Ballistic, blast & fire rated doors
  • Crash rated gates & bollards
  • Anti-cut, anti-climb fencing
  • Custom designs and construction options
  • Custom solutions that provide covert and overt protection to project a culture of safety and target resilience
  • Kontek’s modular retrofit kits allow you to use your existing infrastructure and maintain many of the benefits from existing commercial materials
  • Protect personnel and assets from physical attacks
  • Modular design reduces overall project cost and reduces construction & installation time

Target Hardening - Kontek


Quick Setup

Kontek's modular designs helps reduce installation and setup time

Making You a Harder Target

Provides enhanced cover against pistol and rifle rounds to the occupants of your facility that you are looking to protect. 

Low Cost

Low maintenance, keeping overall project costs down

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Protecting Our Infrastructure

Kontek Industries provides some of the most advanced security solutions to protect personnel, equipment and the world's critical infrastructure. Kontek's value is realized and demonstrated by our rapid response and innovation enhanced with the ability to quickly design, build, test, certify, and implement pedigreed solutions to protect assets and resources from exposure to threats.